Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh the fun of pre-school years

So the Boy slipped and hit his face on a window seal, in the process putting all his front teeth through his lip. There was so much blood my initial thought was that he bit through his tongue. He's asleep now but his lip is swollen to high heaven.

Any tips or tricks to help with the swelling/pain tomorrow?


  1. Popcicles. Seriously, I doubt he will go for anything else. And they will help with both pain and swelling.

  2. Ouch, i know the feeling. I've done it twice. Once from a hockey stick in the face during a game and the second time was from another activity that guys do when they don't like each other lol.

    The popcicle idea is probably the best idea for swelling. The other thing you should do is make sure he rinses his mouth at least 4 times a day with salt water. Make sure he spits the water out so he doesn't get a stomach ache.That will help stop any infections.


  3. Sorry that happened. Having kids is tough that way.

  4. Popcicles or freeze pops. Go get a snowcone making set and let him help. The fun of doing something new might be as good as the ice.

    Salt water is another good idea.


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