Thursday, June 4, 2009

TSA Agent Say What?

As I mentioned earlier this week, my mom and I did a whirlwind trip to Northern California this weekend. We flew, because a 75 min flight sounded a lot better then a 16 hour drive. We got up at the crack of dawn, drove to the airport (about 2 hours) and got there about 8:30 am. I was tired as all get out, hadn't had coffee (my mom is a non-habitual tea drinker, so the need for coffee in the morning is not on her radar) and had already had two calls from my dad (who was watching the boy).

We checked in, and worked our way to the security area, which as always was packed. They had two agents standing and reminding people to take off their shoes, have out any electronics, yata yata. One new twist was they asked that people remove any toiletries (which were require to be in plastic baggies) and place them directly in the bins. I remove my toothpaste and brush, and am trying to juggle my carry-on, purse, shoes, camera, cell phone, my mom's GPS and the plastic baggy with my toothpaste and brush.

I get a tap on the shoulder and turn around. A TSA agent (who 15 seconds previously was chatting on his cell phone, and obviously not about anything involving the airport) pokes at my hands and says "You can't take that". Now, I'm holding quite a few things and frankly I'm not sure what he's talking about. I asked what he means, he scowls then rolls his eyes and says "that toothpaste".

I must have had an odd look on my face (what wrong with my damn toothpaste?) and he says slowly "Its. Too. Big." I look at it and say "It's a toothpaste bottle". He says "It's 4.6 ounces, you can't carry more then 3.4". Now I'm not sure what traveling god decided on 3.4 ounces as the magical non-endangering number, but right that second I hoped they were burning in hell. I set down all of my things, and pointedly hold out the baggy between us, open the bag and remove the offender. I walk to the garbage can (still holding it at arms length) and throw it away. Walk back and seal my plastic baggy. "Better?" I say. The agent glares at me and walks away. And behind me, the ocean of people begin to clap.


  1. Too bad you can't have scissors there or you could have just cut off the bottom 25%.

  2. And gave the gooey end to TSA.asshat

  3. I'm surprised he didn't arrest you for showing attitude and questioning his authority.

    These losers are the reason I refuse to fly. I'd rather drive 16 hours than risk going through airport "security".

    The purpose of the TSA is not to make flying safe. The purpose of the TSA is the make sheeple feel safe.

  4. I just have to wonder who decided that 3.5 ounces of liquid-like anything is the magic dangerous number. The only people I saw in trouble were me, a women who had a souvenir windmill in her carryone, and an older gentlemen with a false hip.

  5. could you have squirted 1/2 of it out and kept it?


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