Saturday, June 13, 2009

The evils of Bank Owned buying!

So I am here in the desert staying with my 'rents and driving them nuts I am sure. Hubs is working the work, kids are playing the play and my time is spent on using my mean voice on anyone having anything to do with the house. We love the house we found. It has lots of space for our extended brood. It is a blank slate for us to paint and build and enhance. We signed papers last Tuesday. Yup! Great news right? WRONG!! The owner is a bank and well bankers can be very money grubbing, picky, bratty, bastards. I should have keys to my house. After all we are paying for the utilities, we have the loan, we have movers coming BUT the bank is throwing a fit over a couple hundred dollars holding up my keys and them receiving a big fat check. Makes absolutely no sense to me. My advice is totally go for bank owned as you can pay pennies on the dollar but be prepared for a longer than expected buying process. It will be really sad when all the bad karma comes to bite the bankers on the butt. OH WAIT that is already happening, muuuahahahaha.


  1. If you think this delay is frustrating, just wait until next month, when they decide they didn't need to have the extra couple hundred. And you think you will get the overpayment back.

    Until then, I hope everything else goes well. Luck!

  2. I know we will not get any favors from this bank. I am fine with that. I just want my keys, lol.


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