Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jam-A-Thon Part 1

We have a local strawberry farm that is a-maz-ing. It seems like summer doesn't start until they open for the season. Saturday morning, and old friend (we'll call her... Tessa) who I've been planning to do some canning which called and asked if I wanted to grab some strawberries and have a jamming day. I agreed, and Project Jam-A-Thon began.

I picked up the berries, and overestimated as usual, so I ended up buying 2 flat of strawberries. Which if you aren't familiar, is a whole lot of strawberries. I figure it's about 25 pounds altogether. We then realized I only had 12 pint jars on hand, and put in a call to Tessa's mom who said we'd need at least 24 jars to finish the job.

Got the extra jars and some more pectin and went to work. And let me tell you, canning with two people is so much easier. We finished 2 batches, and Tessa had to split, so I finished off as much as I could alone. I ended up using all the jars and still having a half flat of strawberries. We also tried a Strawberry Vanilla recipe I found in my Ball Preserving Book, so that should be interesting.

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  1. I went strawberry picking with my dad yesterday. Made lots of jam but still have a 5qt ice cream pail of berries to do something with. I will try your strawberry vanilla recipe since I have that Ball Preserving book.


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