Monday, June 8, 2009

Creating a musical soul.

So for a while now I have known it was time to get Bug into activities. She is 7 and really needs things to broaden her horizons. (And get her out of my hair!) I have thought some sort of music class would do her good. I played the flute and violin for a long while and I loved it. If I still had my flute I think I would play still. So a boon of this whole move thing is that we will be closer to my piano playing step-mama. She is amazing. Her fingers can fly over those keys in record time. She has offered to teach Bug how to play and I jumped at the chance. Piano can lead to many other instruments with ease and is such a wonderful skill to have. I find music to be immensely relaxing and am looking forward to seeing how well Bug does with the discovery of music.


  1. Another candidate instrument is the recorder. Actually, since you have taken lessons, you can order the books and work Bug through them on your own, too.

    Recorders come in various voices - and various qualities. Some few of the school-grade are pretty good. I love my Aulos 803S (I think that is the model) soprano recorder. Yamaha makes an "ivory" student grade - but the brown and ivory step up grade are easier to play and sound better.

    There are some good wood instruments, but take more care. And if you don't get a Hohner, the quality can vary between instruments - unless you get into the imported European instruments for $150 on up. Under $35 should top out your better soprano (key of C) recorders, and $70 for a nice Hohner Alto (key of F).

    Additional music for the Soprano recorder can come from piano music, the melody line from about any song book, including a hymnal.

    With the recorder, just remember to tongue every note.

    I keep one in the car, for waiting at red lights and in line at Burger King. Really.

    Pennywhistle (key of D) is another possibility.

  2. One advantage of the piano and some other instruments is that they teach you chords almost from the first day.

    The piano has the advantage over the guitar for example in that it also uses both bass and treble clef. My kids read both without any trouble but my wife and I struggle with bass.

  3. She already has had her first lesson and is in love. It has been great!


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