Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pioneer preps part 4 hides and leather

Tanning hides and making leather is something I would love to learn. I hate being cold and hides and fur are wonderful ways to keep warm. Can you just see my family running around in buckskin, mountain man style? *sigh* Yeah, me too. I would still like to learn how to do it with basic ingredients like salt rather than some obscure chemical. I am going to work on that and tan the first coyote hide we get. Will let you know if and when it ever happens.



  2. *shudder* maybe obscure chemicals aren't so bad.

  3. Gracie, It doesn't get much more old school then using an animals brain to tan its hide. I've got this stuff written down in a couple books I have. Doubt I will ever use it but it is not a bad thing to have written down somewhere.


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