Saturday, July 23, 2011

Awwweeee..... Do I gotta?

Today I embark on that most dreaded of quests. School clothes shopping with a 9 year old girl, a group of teenagers, a two year old, and my brother in law. I am not sure which terrifies me more. If I don't come back alive I'll miss you all.


  1. I survived. I bought Cold Stone as a reward. They thought it was for them. Bwwaaaahahahaaaha.

  2. I hate shopping for clothes. My wife buys all my clothes, but I have to go to try them on. I am constantly struggling to lose weight so we never know exactly what my waist size will be.

  3. Hubby wears jeans and white hanes t-shirts in winter and canvas shorts and white, black or gray tanks in summer. He is easy to shop for. I think he does it so I can just do his shopping. People drive him nuts.


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