Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hershey the nesting bir...... I mean dog.

So after the Inconsiderate Neighbor decided our black lab was her mortal enemy and that whole debacle (Monkey still cries when she sees a big black dog) we got a tiny 8 lb. inside lap dog. This way Mrs. words I can't even type because I try to not say mean things has no reason to have us visited by the animal police regularly. For those who are new we named our new addition Hershey. She is a Chihuahua Dachshund mix and pretty sweet. She seems to be paper trained which I hate so we are trying to get her to go outside rather than a spot she chose in the entryway. She is good on the leash and very tolerant with kids. On the family camp out she was manhandled a ton and only barked at the kids once when her ear was bit by an over excited toddler. She chews. I give her dog toys and bones but if Monkey leaves something out it becomes fair game. She wants people food and figures Monkey is a good target since she is so small. The habits of being a stray I think. We are working on all these bad habits. We discovered an interesting doozy today. At night she likes to cuddle and so she sleeps in Bug's room. Bug puts a potty mat down hence knowing she was paper trained. She uses the mat well. Anyway so we leave our door open for the girls. Tonight Hershey was under our bed and I heard her chewing something while I am on my laptop editing my book. Hubby asks me to shoo her out to Bug so I try to call her out but she won't come. Bug calls her and she won't come. So we get a flash light. Seems she has stolen toilet paper rolls from my bathroom and shredded them, stolen laundry from the basket and has built a nest under my bed. Seriously. A huge freakish nest. What dog does that? She is part bird I think. I swear every pet we get needs therapy for some weird issue.

Jasper is back with Gracie's rescue group and we discovered it wasn't men he feared but people in hats. Seriously? AND my thinking he needed a playmate to calm the other issues turned out to be true. So we probably could have kept him if Hubby would have stopped wearing hats, the neighbor wasn't an evil Bleeping bleeper bleep, we had another dog, and I had the health of a normal 28 year old. Uggg......


  1. Ouch... you DO seem to get your share of odd ones... :-)

  2. LOL you have no idea. We had 3 cats that each were nuts. Rosie had bladder issues and would pee in the laundry. Sissy was a puker. Just randomly puked on odd days. Daisy was a man hating Manx who nested in my hair. She would climb onto my neck and try to hide in my hair and the claw at my husband. Crazy. We have a horrible track record with pets and their sanity. I stick it out for ages but my poor husband usually has to convince me to find them better homes. Daisy got a man free home and the other two went to a home not expecting a newborn since I was pregnant. Then poor Jasper. Uggg. I am about to give up with the nesting Chihuahua dachshund. I am not even allowed to be around for the next pet picking.

  3. I knew somebody like your neighbor once. But they committed suicide. They stabbed themselves in the back 8 times.

  4. Hermit that takes skill. The pest control guy essential to desert life was here and saw the little pup and no Jasper. He rescues labs on his off time so was a fan of Jasper. When I told him the story he promptly decided that for a Halloween prank he would supply some pests to be fed into her home. He was not impressed.


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