Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What true strength and love looks like.

I have several military wives as friends. Some prepping for new deployments, some just got their men home, others just moved to new bases. They have always been a vision of strength for me. One friend is a Marine Wife. Those of you who were or were married to that branch know they each have their own unique worries. My friend like most keeps up with other wives and blogs of same. One wife's blog has spread like wildfire recently. Her husband was KIA just a few weeks ago and she blogged about learning of that and his funeral and just posted again because his homecoming would have been today. Her strength is what true strength is. That she is sharing how raw and tender she is feeling right now is awing and humbling. I cried. A lot. Her husband was a hero and in my eyes so is she.


  1. My wife did not like being a Marine wife, especially since I was deployed all the time. She put up with it as long as she could, then I left the Marine Corps. I could see her side of it.

  2. It is a hard thing I am sure. I know even Hubby's level of danger is hard enough. Add in the time away and increased danger and I am sure it has pretty agonizing moments.

  3. Lost my first wife because of the service.
    God bless your friend. I'm sorry. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.

  4. Amen, being a military wife IS the toughest job...

  5. I agree. They are the strongest women I know.


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