Sunday, July 17, 2011

Relaxing Sunday target shoot.

We did a family shoot today. Hubby and Bug are the 2 in the pic. I shot my 9mm with the idea of "Lila stop concentrating so hard." and seemed to do pretty good. I think the problem was that I was over thinking it. It also felt smoother in my hands. Yay. Hubby didn't bring our 10-22 so I shot the pink one. Awkward! It was built with longevity and her in mind so there was no way to shoot left handed. I do okay right handed and shot 50 rounds through but it wasn't perfect. I had assumed our 10-22 was the one Hubby intended for my long-distance use if SHTF. I was wrong. Apparently he pushed for a custom built 6MM that used to belong to his parents because of how it shoots, weight, accuracy and such. The reason I didn't know was because Hubby has been getting it back into perfect working order and being a guy didn't think to tell me. LOL.

Overall we all had a lot of fun. Even Monkey digging in the dirt for treasure. Nephew and Bug waged war on a Kangaroo Rat though I think it came out victorious as it was not dead when we left. Yay for Sunday morning relaxation.


  1. Big fun. Now that Barkley is better I'm going shooting this Saturday.

    Thanks again for your warm thoughts and wishes for him.

  2. You are very welcome. I very much enjoy your blog and if I can ever be a help I am happy to do so. We all need to hear we aren't alone sometimes! ;)

  3. Sounds like y'all had a good time! And trigger time is time well spent!

  4. It was fabulous! I agree NFO trigger time is time very well spent. If I was in a defense mode with just the girls of the house we would be just fine. All of us other than the baby are very capable shots.

  5. Good job.

    Some of the best times, most relaxing times, and most quality times my wife and I have together are when we go shooting.

    Unfortunately, it's not often enough.

    You and her share some of the same medical maladies. We've been struggling with hers for almost twenty years now.


  6. AOA give her a big but gentle hug! This stuff sucks! We don't get out as often as we would like to either and when Hubby is tunneling it is even less but we sure do love the time we get.


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