Saturday, July 16, 2011


You guys have been so great with ideas I thought you might have more. Hubby's project is finally after many delays getting close to where he can do the job he came here to do. Until then he has been welding. Since he is in final prep in the tunnel he has been welding in temps of 120+ and easily either sweats through his clothes or the water from the tunnel soaks him. When it was cooler he wore under armor or thermals but now wearing them would give him heat stroke very quickly. So now we have a problem. He has to wear double fronted Carhart work pants. Thick rough jeans that now get soaked every day with no protective layer between them and his skin means painful rubbing and chafing across his legs. Add that he designed a new man-life for the crane to drop the men the 600+feet down the shaft and he has been in a harness at times hanging suspended to weld as well. Any ideas? The guys think pantyhose but I think that there has to be an ultra thin layer of something better suited. I know you guys hunt so thought you might have some thoughts.


  1. Panty hose are about the only thing I can think of...

  2. Actually pantyhose is also my suggestion.

    Or a garter and stockings. I won't judge.


  3. I bought him a box of 4. My concern as a girl is the slippage once he is wet may defeat the purpose. Uggg. I guess the whole crew is miserable. Poor guys.

  4. Muuuahahah. BIL asked if I had a pair he could try. I said all I had was my stockings and garter from our wedding. Some brotherly ribbing ensued.

  5. Your husband has a tough job. I don't envy him! If wearing panty hose helps then so be it.

  6. You won't see me arguing Hermit. He works his tail off and the danger level is scary. I pretend he is in an office all safe and sound. If they had a cave in the only thing I would get is condolences and a check. No rescue. No recovery. Yuck.


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