Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today is a day for the blah's. It is already 91 outside and will hit 105 by noon. Hubby and BIL are both welding right now with Hubby in the tunnel so they are averaging 112+. Very bad. My poor guy comes home and pretty much eats, showers and goes to bed until the next day. I seem to have a stomach bug that has resulted in some major pain. YUCK.

Today starts an important process in the custody fight concerning my niece and nephew. It makes me reflect again on how hard divorce is. I really wish that all couples who end up divorcing could step back from their own hurt and anger and put it aside for the sake of their kids. Seeing how the bitterness and fighting has hurt these kids makes my chest ache. I want to take them away and make it better but I know that they are with the parent who can best take care of them. They both had to grow up far to quickly and it is such a shame. I can only hope that the court system works for them.

Dinner tonight is all about cleaning out the fridge. It is full of some scrumptious left overs and we are running out of space for other things.

Monkey slept horribly last night and ended up in our bed. I think her tummy hurts as much as mine. Bug had her first friend sleep over last night and i think it went well. They had treats and played on the trampoline before sleeping out there under the stars. I am so glad she is coming out of her shell and really being more social.

As you can see the blah's mean life here is pretty un-exciting today. I finished editing the second chapter of my book and am slowly chugging through. Hopefully I have it ready by my birthday, which was my original goal. The other book needs a little less in the edit department I think so shouldn't take as long. I am excited to put them out and see how it goes. Then I want to dig in to the first in the youth fantasy adventure book. i am also thinking the paranormal cop series I started might be more fun and have more depth if it was post-apocalyptic. Still law and order but with a different world circumstance. That idea bears more thought.


  1. Ihave to dfrost the big freezer. Been letting it empty out for a while. Not that I'm down to the last things dinner tonight is 'everything on the grill' - chicken, beef, pork, veggies, shrimp, sausages... everything that is out of the freezer while it defrosts. Then a lot of that grilled stuff will be cut into smaller servings, vac-packed, and refrozen.

  2. Ooohhhhh a day in the life lol.

  3. It's a day of ennui here on the mountain, as well. Too hot and humid to do anything but stay inside. I'm glad your girl got out and visited, that's healthy. Sorry about the stomach thing, strangely enough it is going around in this part of the country too and my son has picked it up.

  4. I probably sent it through the computer. I have super powers like that!

  5. Super Lil....aaachoooo.....Lila saves the *cough* daaaaaayyyyyyy!

  6. I feel for you on the custody battle. It's an awful shame for the children.
    I will want a signed first edition of your books, you know. I do expect firearms to be involved. Zombie novel next...

  7. They met with the therapist yesterday. Both said they were fine and then made a mad dash out of here not to be seen until who knows when. It infuriates me they have to go through some of the very junk again in order for her to understand why they don't want to see her. I know she loves them but the relationship needs a lot of improvement to be healthy.

    LOL, when ( I typed if but better to be positive right?) I publish you are at the top of the list. Really considering the paranormal cop series I have started become after the apocalypse. Might add a whole layer of fun.


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