Sunday, July 31, 2011

Libertarian Reflection.

I'm sitting at my table this morning feeling pretty reflective. We are now 2 days from the "default day" and while research and reading all of my favorite blogs has shown this day to be a mixture of fact and fiction it is the day those in government have been spouting as important to our economic future. My question is this: If is it so important, so critical to the future of this country that we make drastic financial changes by August 2 why then on July 31 are you all in D.C. still arguing like children over your toys? This group fights that proposal, that group fights this proposal. Frankly the lack of any sort of agreement on putting this country above your own ideas makes me feel sick inside. We allowed this. We have built up a government of hundreds of congress and senate members and now they all bicker like toddlers fighting over a treat. I love this country, I love the ideals and tenets it was built upon. It makes me so sad and disappointed to see that personal gain has been put before the wants of the people and that our needs as a country are less important than proving a point. We need to reduce the size of government and it's ability to make stupid laws. Brawny had the right idea in her most recent post. I know they came up with the number of congress and senate members they did for a reason they feel valid but I think it is a number much to high. Stop paying all that money out to people who don't care about our needs anyway. Stop with the elections all the dang time and start making them pay attention to what we want and need. That is their job. They are supposed to be working for the people, representing our desires and wants. They aren't doing that.


  1. I read her post and I agree with what she said. I just don't know how to effect change in our social structure. The only sweeping changes I am aware of that ever took place in any large society were imposed by violence. I'm thinking of the French Revolution, the American Revolution, etc. I don't think that will happen here, 256 million people can't be motivated to do anything in concert, let alone anything dramatic. Maybe we will just keep on doing what we are doing now, until we expire into 3rd world mediocrity.

  2. I know. It makes me sad because the promise and beauty of this country is disappearing behind our bureaucracy.


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