Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So this is how it went....

Hehehe. We went camping for the weekend. I went up Thursday with Monkey, Bug, and Nephew. I pulled the trailer myself on the 3+ hour drive and set up camp. The idea was to have me go up early before the holiday rush to make sure we had a good spot. None of us are afraid to rough it and actually enjoy it but one of the sisters is 5 months pregnant so we decided to use an organized campground with bathrooms and running water. That was the plus side, the down side was the people, the paying for the spot, and the fact that we couldn't have our quads at our camp. My nephew seemed rather surprised that I knew what I was doing with pulling the trailer as well as setting up camp. Goofy boy. I tried to explain that I camped a lot as a kid but I don't think he got it.

Friday early we took out the quads for a ride since nephew is a very capable driver. It was fabulous! Beautiful scenery and a huge well maintained trail system focused on the quads meant less hard to the surrounding area because everyone wasn't making their own trails. By 9 PM we went from 4 to 28 in our camp. Yes we make a big bunch and that wasn't every one.

Saturday and Sunday was spent together just letting the kids play. Each sibling took a meal to feed everyone so things were spread around evenly. We had quad rides, hiking, and cave exploration. We told stories, did skits, and made smores.

I think all of us were sad to leave on Monday despite the fact we were all in sore need of a bath. It is a wonderful treat to have so many of my husbands siblings together. (6 out of 7)

Now I am home. My reader has well over 100 posts to read. I make a dent and more pop up. If I don't comment a ton do know I am reading all of it, lol.

One bad thing is that now that I am home I am in a flare. When I am in a need to function mode I push everything aside and do what I have too. Since we were camping and that meant no child safe room, no ideal sleep environment, no sticking to my diet and the like I pushed on, ignored my body and functioned. Now I am paying for it. I hurt all over. Large smears of dirt turned out to be bruises and even Tylenol is not touching things. I stumbled across a wonderful website called But You Don't Look Sick and the creator has a great way of explaining her Lupus. FMS is very very similar to that. By her spoon theory I borrowed against my spoons and am now spoonless for a bit until I can recover. It sucks like crazy but I wouldn't change it because I had so much fun being with every one. I did hold myself back on somethings and I did make sure that when a ride was being especially brutal I took it slow so as to lessen the beating my body took. I have learned to try to balance though I admit I didn't do a very good job of it this weekend. I won't be surprised if I end up sick on top of my flare. Bleck!

Well I am off to bed blog friends! Night. I am glad to read of all of your doings and thoughts and look forward to continuing to catch up!

Oh and the chili was amazing!!


  1. Ahhh, camping. So much fun in concept. Execution, mostly. Aftermath, not so much.

  2. Lila, glad to see that you had a nice weekend with family, knowing what you would face at the end of it. There are things that are worth pouring yourself into, regardless of the consequences. Family is one of them, imo.

    As a guy with FMS (yes, we do exist), I'm always looking for inspirations and more information. I'd not read the spoon theory you linked to, but it does make it easier to visualize the limitations we operate under.

    Hope that you're back up and around now.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Shamandin. I would think being a man with this lovely life would have a pretty unique and at times more trying host of things to deal with. I found the spoon theory did help explain things to others who had questions.

    I am feeling a lot better today. Just a small headache today. My doc decided to double my savella. Hope that helps lessen the flare pain.

  4. The most trying times are when I have to explain to my (now) 10 year old daughter that even butterfly kisses hurt sometimes. I'm debating whether the worst part are the days where it's physically painful for my kids to express their love for me (and vice versa) or the days where I feel like I'm letting my coworkers down while not being physically able to perform as well as usual. As a modern American Male, it's difficult to tell which is worse at times, but I'm leaning towards dealing with the kids.

    Since I've only recently started blogging, I'm definitely going to be doing a series on being a guy with FMS. Should be an interesting series. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to peel those scabs off, yet.

  5. I hate the days where my focus is on just getting dinner made and making sure my girls are okay. I wish I had the energy to be that crazy soccer mom playing with them all day and taking them to activities but it would wipe me out. I concentrate on letting them know I love them as much as I can.

    I think you can add a unique voice to the FMS world. For those who suffer and those who support. Blogging can be hard but also adds an avenue of release while giving the ability to help others and gain support. You will be surprised by what you find I think.


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