Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mind all over the place.....

One of the joys of being me is that I am always thinking. Thinking of ways to fix a problem, thinking of tasks that need to be done, thinking of stories to write and plot twists in the current stories I have on my plate. That also happens to be one of the curses to being me. My brain has a hard time shutting down. I am always wanting to figure it out, solve it, change it, read it, write it. It is probably a part of the insomnia problem. I run dual screens on my desktop pc. On one I have my writing and the other has the web with a game or facebook or something and music running in the background. For some reason the distractions help me write faster. I can easily write a few thousand words in the space of a couple hours and still look at facebook or play solitare every so often. If Monkey were big enough that I could have the gates down and trust her around the house and she only needed food help and the like, or our house were smaller I could easily write several books a year. The stories float in my brain constantly. That is part of why I like having multiple genres. The problem is going to be finding an agent who likes all of my genres and works with them. I am not sure how to do that. I am also concerned about my submitting. I am on chapter 5 edits and am easily going to be done with the edits of this book by my birthday next month. I want to then submitt it out to a few agents/publishers. I did that before though and it was rough to know who to submitt to and that was before i expanded to other genres.

LOL see how my mind runs. This started as a reflection on my brain being all over the place and ended up being a worrying session. I drive myself batty. A few think I should self-pub but I honestly doubt I would make any real sales. I also think my series concept has some major potential (Thanks North for being a sounding board!) as it crosses genres and is fairly rare in the way I am thinking of it. I know that it has been sort of done but not exactly what I want to do. I want it to be about the crimes and the survival and the supernatural all in one tight package. I think I can do that. I think I can do that well. BUT if the first books I have ready are contemporary romantic suspense then do i look for an agent who does that or who does more and hope my voice comes through well enough in the 2 books that they are confident I can do the other as well.

Hmmm.......... I think I will take my over-active brain back to the editing and stop obsessing about problems I haven't hit yet.


  1. I'll have more for you, soon. :-)

  2. Hmmm... Isn't that called multi-tasking??? :-)

  3. Thanks North!

    NFO what I call multi-tasking my guy calls obsessing. I've also been known to add designs to the store and work on designing a website at the same time on top of the writing and other stuff. I am a crazy person.

  4. I heard a comedian once say that women's brains hate them. After living with a great woman for a few years, I think the comedian was right. They never turn off or stop pestering. Like a supercomputer. Guys can shut down and think of absolutely nothing. Like my 6 year old Dell computer.

  5. Heheheh. I see a blank look on my husbands face sometimes and I asked him once what he was thinking so hard. He said "I wasn't." LOL.

  6. Huh? Were you talking to me??? :-)

  7. I think I need to be taught that skill. At least when I want to sleep. LOL.


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