Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Long Day

Yesterday was Day 5 of cleaning my dads place. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't live in squalor he's just a horrible pack rat. The more clutter he gets, the less he cleans. It's a vicious cycle. Since most of the house is done, we moved outside ('we' being myself and a friend whose out of work and therefore very easy to bribe). My dad's place has a large flower bed next to the door and another 'island' type bed in the middle of the driveway. The sun wasn't too bad, but the humidity has been a killer the last couple days. It took about 2 hours to clean out the first patch, which in the end only had about 10 flowers in it. Monday we start on the large island and it shouldn't actually take long. Back in the day, my mom had the damn thing cleared out then laid the garden tarping down and then landscaped with bricks and things. Although a lot of weeds have grown on top, they take little to no effort to pull out.

Also on today's list is some cooking. I'm headed to the butcher's soon, and I think I'm going to try some chili con carne. I also found an interesting BBQ sauce made for canning that I'd like to try.


  1. Your dad should hire some Mexicans. Sounds like pretty tough work.t

  2. Haha I wish. I'm not even getting paid for it.


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