Thursday, July 30, 2009

Huh!?! That's weird.

We are working on the house. The previous owners seemed to not care about the house very much. The walls are banged up, the baseboards are horrible, there are black marks all over the place and holes in the walls from where they just ripped stuff from the walls. So we are patching holes, painting and replacing baseboard throughout the house. We were going to do crown too but encountered 2 problems. 1- We have rounded corners so would need to get something to go around the corners. 2- The inward corners are annoying to cut for. You would think it would be a 45 degree angle right. After all a corner is 90. Nope 45 does not work. It is actually a 33.9 degree angle. Weird huh? Who knew there were so many oddities in houses.

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