Monday, July 13, 2009

Soft water come and slime me!!

Okay so here in the desert you need soft water in the house. The water is so hard here that it will ruin your pipes and appliances with out it. So we went and ordered out unit and the installation. I don't notice a huge difference but my husband says soft water makes him feel slimy. Oh well!! We also decided to go with potassium pellets over sodium pellets. Our bodies have a hard time with the sodium but potassium is what we loose when we sweat so we figured this was a much healthier way to go for us. We have little ones who drink the water so we need it as healthy as possible.


  1. Lila,

    The story the water softener salesman gave me was that the hard water is harsh on the skin, and inhibits both the formation of suds from soap, and the wetting action that soap has to dissolve crud and guck off the skin.

    When you use soft water, supposedly either naturally mineral free or mechanically softened, the harsh minerals are no longer there. So the soap is much more effective, and your skin cleanses much easier.

    What is going on isn't slime - it is the natural feel of actual water without harsh minerals wetting the skin.

    At least, that was the salesman's pitch. And, you know? He got seriously, personally offended when I told him I wasn't convinced I needed his product. He got really huffy when I pointed out that I don't do laundry counting drops of tincture of green soap. I guess he thought I was making fun of him.

    I do think that some of the hard water effects - early wearing of fabrics, damaged hair, etc., are actual.

    Note there are sets of niobium (sp?) magnets that you can strap onto your pipes, that will reorient the magnetism of the minerals, so they don't act like minerals, just flow on through. But the magnetized water can make the fillings in your teeth fall out.

    Just remember to drain the guck from the bottom of the hot water heater when it starts to sound like rocks boiling in a kettle.

  2. That sounds complicated. I lived in New Mexico, in Albuquerque from 1971-1975 while I was at UNM, and I think the dorms just used tap water. Maybe where you are the water has a lot more minerals in it.

  3. I know that we are a very mineral filled area water wise. They came and installed our system this morning so no idea yet about feeling the difference.


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