Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shelf reliance

I finally gave up on building one and just bought it. I LOVE this shelf! It freed up sooo much space in my pantry. I rearranged my whole laundry room while my kids were with the parents and got everything put back together. It is so easy to look at this thing and see how many cans I need of what so I can keep everything stocked. It was an all day project to set up though. It's not that its hard, its just that I was doing it by myself (wanted to surprise hubby) and I had to rearrange the shelves a few times to make it fit what I needed. Seriously, this thing is GREAT!


  1. Gracie, that's an impressive accomplishment. It certainly does maximize your utilization of storage space.

  2. Does it accommodate quart and pint jars of home canned food?

  3. Anon, I think it could but I would worry about them breaking when it rolled around. They kind of drop down to the next level.


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