Monday, July 27, 2009

Where I stand

TOR posted this quiz on TSLRF after a few people questioned how 'libertarian' he is, and I thought I'd take it also. I've been slowly but surely leaning further towards the middle as time goes by. But consider my thoughts on some social programs and ideas, I don't see my status as the 'token bleeding-heart liberal' (as the Boys call me) changing any time soon.

Gracie here, Maggy and I had the same idea for a post. She just beat me to it. Here are my results.

Lila here! I figured I should add mine to the mix so you all see where all of us sit!


  1. Centrist is hard to argue with. Least you're not a damn commie!

  2. I think I am not particularly anything. I have to be quiet a lot of time on things like health care and "the social safety net" because I am not as vehemently opposed to some of these things, in some respects, as my cronies are.

  3. Welcome to the club, ladies. That quiz is the best. And many people just don't realize that they have (ew, ick) libertarian leanings.

  4. Funny thing is, when we first came up with the idea of doing a blog and fashioning it after TSLRF, I was concerned about the libertarian part. I am not big into politics (read head in the sand) and really had no idea what that meant. Maggy had to explain to me what libertarian meant. Now I take the quiz and find out I am firmy in the libertarian camp! Cracks me up!


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