Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What dreams may come!

I tend to dream a lot. Usually just weird non-sense stuff that got put together from all I saw and did during the previous day. Sometimes though they can be very disorienting. I woke this morning having dreamed we had moved to Texas (I spent 8 years of my childhood there) but our things were in other places. It was very weird to wake and be unsure of where I was. I also seem to start and stop the same dream all through the night as I wake to nurse the baby and get Hubs off to work. It is kinda like a psycho movie in my head. Does anyone else dream like this?


  1. I sometimes have the same dream despite waking several times a night. And it's been the same dream every time. I'm searching for something, but never find it.

  2. I think everyone has odd dreams at one time or another. It's perfectly normal.


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