Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Palin - Quitter or Fighter?

So I voted republican in the last presidential election. I have always liked McCain and his values and choices were the most in line with what my family wants and needs. I liked Obama a lot to though so was not throwing a fit when he won. I think he deserves the chance he earned by winning to show us that he wants to make it better to be American.

Anyway as most of the world knows now Sarah Palin has resigned as Alaskan governor. Even after her speech I am still feeling in the dark as to why she quit. When she became VP nom I was excited. A woman I could get behind. Then she took a few mis-steps and honestly I couldn't fault her. She was a small town politico thrust into the national and international political field. Who wouldn't stumble a bit? This resigning thing though makes me mad. It also makes me not want to vote for her should she run in 2012. I want someone who chooses the office to remain in that office until death or the public remove them or their term ends. I want someone who will fight for me and for the leadership role they took on, knowing what that entailed. I see this as quitting. A part of me can't blame her. Politics has become a free for all in the media, just as bad as Hollywood, BUT resigning shows she will run when times get tough. I do not want that in my president. What do you guys think?


  1. I pretty much agree about her character and lack of discipline (will to complete a task), and about her rustic background.

    But almost all politicians are weasels and chicken to some extent. I doubt this will be the end of an elected life for Mrs. Palin, unless she wants it to be.

    Heck, for all I know she is prepping to take over the EPA for Obama. Or maybe she will be ambassador to Colombia. B. Hussein Obama seems to have all his other opponents, except Souter, McCain and Limbaugh, working for him.

  2. I detested McCain. But I voted for Palin.

    If she wants to bail out, I say go ahead. It's better to let somebody have the job that wants it, than to just sit there twiddling her thumbs and waiting out her term.

    Besides, I expect she's had a bellyful of the low lifes in the media and will be glad to be shed of them.

  3. Brad I honestly would not be surprised if Obama did have something planned for her. The question is should she take it? After the cut and run I am not sure I want her to have an important position.

    Hermit I agree that it is better to have someone who wants the job rather than someone sitting in the job who does not want it. I know she and her family have been picked on and poked at by more media than can be counted. I am sure time away is just what she needs. I just have a hard time wanting to get behind someone who cuts and runs even if I understand and sympathize with the reasons.

  4. She has been fighting ethical charges for a while and I can imagine what her legal bill is...

    My bet is she is doing it in order to get her family out of debt because now she can do TV, lectures and a book...

    Good for her....She will be seen more now than if she had stayed so close to the North Pole :)


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