Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot hot hot.

I'm whining again, but guess what, its my blog so I don't care. The PNW has been having one hell of a heat wave, and there is little sign of it breaking until the end of next week. Todays high so far is 102*, which doesn't sound like much but toss in the humidity and it gets pretty uncomfortable really quick.
Since we only have a few weeks a summer of truly sadistic weather, the amount of central AC in homes is slim to none. Most people (like me) rely on fans and cool nights to make it through. My dad has rigged some pretty cool things for his house. He drilled tiny holes in some pvc tubing and hung it around the main living area windows. Hook them to a hose, and add a fan or two and you have some decent swamp coolers (not to mention it waters the plants and my tomatos). At my house we really have no shade, so I shut down all the windows and blinds and things and that tends to help a bit. We also have good ol' fashioned kiddie pools and sprinklers for the kids (and adults) once the sun goes down a bit, and they aren't in as much sunburn danger.

What do you do to combat the heat?

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  1. Get some window units, Maggy. They cost around $150 at Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes, and they'll work wonders for cooling off the house.


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