Friday, July 17, 2009

Security comes from more than weapons!

We had a home security system installed. I am stunned at how much safer I feel. Sure we still keep the Judge by the bed but I love how much more at peace I feel. I know that if an intruder really wants in this isn't going to stop them like our weapons will but it will deter those not wanting to risk the alarm. I am so glad we did this and have no complaints. The installer was great, the system is not hugely complicated.


  1. Nice, I am glad you are feeling safer. If nothing else $20-30 a month for a little piece of mind and deterrent is a good deal. My Grandmother recently got a security system installed and she felt the same way. She wasn't so concerned about what would happen if she was home (grew up on a ranch in MT and keeps a S&W .38 handy) but at the prospect of coming home mid burglary.

    A big thing is to minimize visible displays of wealth. If you were a crook with half a brain would you rob the family with a brand new mustang and a 70 inch tv or the one with a used Asian POS and a generic 30 inch tv?

    As for that Judge In case you don't like to copy and paste the bottom line is that .410 bird shot is useless for anything but snakes and birds. The buckshot does not penetrate anywhere near enough to be useful for self defense. Slugs are half the weight of a .41 mag slug and are too light and don't penetrate. The only useful self defense load for this pistol is the .45 long colt round which is big, nasty and effective. When I had a pistol in that caliber I had some Cor Bon rounds which were heavy and red hot. If you are out in the desert hiking then loading it with 2 rounds of .410 first and .45 long colt behind would make sense. Otherwise I strongly suggest loading all .45 long colt jacketed hollow points.

  2. I built a security system around my place, using sensors, a steel gate, infra-red cameras, security lights, dogs, and an electric fence. I don't expect that to keep out anyone determined to get in, but it should at least prevent me from being surprised.

  3. It's nice to have a little early warning especially if you are a sound sleeper. It might reduce the chance of breakins when you aren't home as well.

    Now get two or three big dogs and you will feel even better.

  4. Very cool, I don't blame you at all. And the cost is nothing compared to the piece of mind.

  5. TOR: We have the both rounds for the judge close by. Hubs figures load it with both starting with the .410. If two shots of that doesn't scare them then the .45's will fix that.

    We are also lucky our house is laid out the way it is. The family room and office are not easily viewable so even if we had a nice tv and comp it would not be easily known unless you had been in our house.

    Hermit and Bit at least one dog is on the list of gonna gets!!


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