Monday, July 6, 2009

Things you will only find in Utah

So on my recent trip to Utah I had to laugh at some of the things I saw that could only be found in this kind of area.

#1 Emergency Essentials. We actually found their store!
#2 Food storage aisle in Walmart, this is where I bought my new shelf reliance system. They also had an area in the front in place of an arcade called Canning Central.
#3 Dead sheep in the middle of the freeway. I think it must have fallen off a livestock truck and been hit. No one was in the least bothered by this and simply swerved around it and went on their way.
#4 Herbal farms with acres and acres of lavendar. Probably not a Utah thing, but breathtaking enough to mention.
#5 Small drive through restaurant that only serves....are you ready for this?.....Jerky!
#6 Mormon Crickets. We have them here in Nevada and I know Idaho does too. They are the only living creature that creeps me out *shudder* I seriously do the girly thing and run and scream.
#7 Billboards advertising "Fieldstone Homes, free food storage....and a place to put it with the purchase of any home!" Now tell me THAT can be found ANYWHERE else!

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  1. There's a reason it seemed like a natural fit to start a Utah Preppers site :)


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