Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dogs I have known

Brigid's post about her dog Barkley got me thinking about some of the dogs I have known over the years. I volunteer with a local rescue organization and that has allowed me to interact with some really amazing animals.

There was Balto, the 192 lb malamute,

Lancelot, the stray that started it all,

Gator, the mentally retarded puppy who you couldn't help but love,

Skye, who thought she was a supermodel,

Twix, the dog I trained as a diabetic alert dog,

And many many more. Each has their unique story and personality and I have been lucky enough to share the lives of each and every one even if it was only for a short time. Most have found their forever homes, some have passed on and some are still with us waiting for their family to find them and give them the home they deserve. This is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done with my life and it gives me such a sense of accomplishment to know I have saved the lives of so many.


  1. What kind of dog was Twix? We rescued a one year old that looks exactly like her and were told she was a coon hound mix but we aren't sure. Thanks!

  2. Twix was a chihuahua mix. She and her whole family were picked up running the streets. They were all taken in by rescues and I ended up with this one.

  3. Thanks. Ours is around 50 pounds so more likely a hound but could have chihuahua in her too. Keep up the good work here!

  4. Excellent work, thanks for caring!


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