Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Second After.

So I finished reading "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen today. Hit on quite a few levels. The researcher loved the detail and afterward included to help with my own world building. I loved the concept and that he kept reactions pretty human. Small towns do very much tend to band together in difficulty. I liked that he included the refrence to film and literature even if that got old in some moments because we do tend to compare events around us to what we know, often that is what we have read and watched fictionally in extreme times.

The writer in my loved the depth of charecter. I could see the fear, the violence, the hope, the impact of hard choices. I could smell the unwashed bodies.

The Aunt with the Type 1 diabetic nephew found much to fear. When I first saw that John's daughter was diabetic and the same age about as Nephew I was a little excited. Many said this book was a great research addition so I thought this thread would turn out to be personally helpful. It was not. It was very bleak and very dim. Honestly the devoted Aunt in me instantly wanted to begin hoarding insulin.

This book also made me think. Not just about the world I am building for my own series but about the world as we have it. Yes we are preparing as best we can. Hopefully we can prepare more in the coming while before we really need it so we are much better situated. I plan for that and hope for that daily. My greatest fear is that an EMP situation and other situations like it are ones that really are pretty dang hard to be fully prepared for. The preps are good as is the awareness but honestly how do you totally prepare for any situation?

Really has me thinking on so many levels.


  1. I liked the book, IMHO I think this may be more like it could play out in a SHTF situation. I have a son with type 1 diabetes so that part hit home.

  2. Lila, my wife is in a similar situation, just not quite as bad, but it's bad. (it isn't diabetes). This book scared the hell out of me.

    Not only is it difficult to prepare for, the chances that we will be subjected to an EMP attack has greatly increased.

    It has been documented that IRAN is working towards this goal. And our country has it's head buried in the sand.

  3. I'm waiting for the new movie "Remnants" to be released. It deals with this situation, but every time I get all set for the movie they announced they've pushed the release date back.

  4. So Duke and Matt you know what I felt once I got to Jennifer's death. I looked at Nephew and was immediately frustrated, scared, anxious and wanted to start to figure out how to build up some sort of stockpile of insulin. We think of SHTF so much and we plan like crazy. This is very much a lifestyle for a lot of us. My husband was raised on this. I am just now catching up and so some of these realities are scary as heck. I mean we have loosely said we would need to find insulin and quick. Both men are aware of it. I guess I just never fully grasped how truly deathly it would be for him. I see how we give him his candy to bump up a low or make sure he drinks lots of fluids and such to stay lower and just forget that those moments are so rare for him. As it is he has missed 14 days of school purely because of keytones and puberty. They don't want him in school if he has keytones because of the extra insulin and monitoring that means. Ugggg......

    Hermit I have head that is supposed to be a good one.


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