Friday, October 28, 2011

Saw the Vampire!!

Had a visit with the Hematologist today. I have mentioned before that I was sent to him because I abnormally bruise and bleed and my bruising lasts for a long time. He ran the gamut of tests in the beginning and ruled out everything he could think of by blood work. We didn't go more in depth because my blood really didn't indicate a need. Anyway he has been monitoring me for over 2 years now. Once again my white blood count today was in the red. He isn't worried because while I go into the red every so often I bounce back up to normal between those low counts. As usual my lymphocytes were elevated. The lymphocytosis is why he has continued to monitor me. He was going to cut me loose from the monitoring and just see me if my PCP had a concern with blood work until I said she never does blood work. He was a bit annoyed at that. In his mind the fact that I have a chronic and as of now incurable illness that is being managed to him means that I should be having regular blood draws. So I will do a lab for him in 6 months and another visit in 12. Honestly the monitoring is a bit of a comfort. If I do ever get cancer we will catch it pretty quick. Plus his level of care and interest in me is a lot better than my PCP. I wish he could treat the fibro but it is not his field. Uggg... If only I could find a good rheumatologist here. I need to find one. I am going to call the one my doc tried to send me to again. According to our insurance she does work with us so maybe if I talk to them I will get in, lol.

All in all a normal day in the life of a chronic junky illness. Stupid fibro.


  1. That can't be easy to deal with. Here's hoping you get a caring doc with treatment that will work for you and your life.

    big hug

  2. Sorry,Sweet Girl, at least you're on top of it.

  3. Hope you can get a handle on your illness; life is too short to spend most of it miserable.

  4. Thanks!! Bob I firmly live that. I play often and enjoy my life with everything I am. I always remember to count my blessings. Refuse to live my life any other way!

  5. Hang in there Lady, and here's hoping a GOOD doc comes your way!

  6. I'll hug my nearest fibro patient. Just because.

  7. NFO I keep hoping. Hubby found a great ENT on reccomendation and the same friend says he knows a good family doc so I thik we may switch. I like our doc but she seems so wrapped up in research and studies and such that I don't really get decent care. Also hoping to hit a home run with this female FMS specialist. The last one was horrible. Yelled at me because at the time I was still nursing. I did not go back to him.

    TCA Please do hug her close. How is she feeling?


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