Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leaving the country?

So as my better half gears up to make tunnel magic he has been working with the company who manufactures his machine. The rep and Hubby have been working to repair some pretty costly issues that honestly could have resulted in the job going the way of me burying a rock. Lucky my guy cares enough to thoroughly inspect his machine eh? Anyway this guy has known JW for a few years and asked today if he would ever be willing to work out of the US. He had an offer for Iceland and one for Iraq on the table before but we said heck no to those but he honestly feels more open to it now. If it were a country safe for us I think he would be willing. He is so sick of things here right now and of how he is treated that getting an opportunity like this might be a boon to his career. Who knows though right?


  1. You know I totally support a move outside the country! It'd be a great adventure for sure! :-)

  2. If he decides on Iceland, I hope he likes eating fish, and they drink like fishes up there!!!

  3. K- I figured you would be on board, lol. Now to get everyone else who loves us to think that way. A few particular people had a hard enough time with us in the PNW let alone overseas, lol.

    NFO- The Iceland job was fabulous money but was a rotation of 3 months in a base camp and then 3 weeks home. Very not family friendly. He does love fish but he doesn't drink, lol. A bit of a good news bad news job. We want a job where he can take us with him.


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