Friday, October 21, 2011

Lovely visitor.

Today I got to realize the risk that a garage sale can bring. When you think garage sale you think little old lady or a stay at home mom looking for a deal or even a couple out to find a good bargain. You think friendly people and cheap prices. At least I do. Today my neighbor across the street was holding one from 7-11. Makes sense as we are still pretty hot and our sunshine is wicked. Anyway about 1:45 I am chilling in my loft area will Monkey, music on the comp and just hanging out with her. My office/loft area windows are over the driveway. Suddenly I hear some major yelling. This guy is screaming every name in the book. Talking about how he isn't a dirtbag and how little rich women need to be nicer and all sorts of pretty billigerant things. Going on about how he used to have millions but gave it away and the least she can do is help other people out. Of course by this time her garage is closed up and such. She has little ones and is home alone like me during the day.

I have learned to put people on a scale when they are jerks.
You have the drive/walk away from types. They are jerks but just getting away solves the issue.
You have the call the cops types. Yeah you have to deal with them for however long it takes to have police get there but it can be done.
Then you have the " I am probably going to need to get my gun to be protected if I even am in this guys vicinity and quite possibly use it to A- defend or B- scare the dude off."

Dude is hitting the walls of her house as she remains behind her door. He then takes off screaming for his car with very purposeful steps and I am thinking he is going from a contact the cops to a get armed kind of situation. Luckily her husband came home and screamer stops mid trunk pop and instead starts to scream some more. He manhandles his woman and gets into the car and rolls away. I had to leave the house to pick up Bug. Luckily I park in my garage. I make sure my gun is in the car and we are loaded in before I even open the door to be safe. As my door goes up I see my neighbor's husband standing against their SUV. The Jerk is still on our block. His car is not running and he is now down the road. Luckily she had called the police and as I left I saw an officer arrive. Apparently this guy was pissed she was no longer selling anything and would not give him anything. I warned the husband that men of that type very likely could return, especially since his car is still here, and might try to break in. We are making sure the security is armed and the gun is close by. Hubby feels that because this guy maybe needed more a scare and show that we could defend ourselves that having some bean bag rounds might be smart. I think I agree. It is also making me realize that when the neighbors closest to us are doing these sales we need to remain on high alert because they give jerks a great way to case us for theft.

Over reaction of a paranoid woman or spot on? Thoughts?


  1. I think you responded well. You cannot pick your Family or Neighbors (old joke). I have a home for sale close by and you never know who is just checking out the neighborhood.

    I really don't think bean bags are the way to go, but that's just me. I rely on an layered defense of the home. Bean bags are not part of that defense. My primary defense of home is solid external physical barriers followed by electronic detection (motion lights, alarms, etc.). After that, here comes the fortified interior doors, then the "other stuff".

    You cannot be too careful in these matters. Predators come seeking prey. Be a hard target in all respects. Make it difficult for them by engineering, mind set, and will.

    There is my short two cents!

  2. The jerk displayed behavior that was patently aggressive but could not follow through. Overreaction? I think not by a far.
    Don't second guess your gut ever. If it senses danger, there is danger afoot. It may not be completed but you do not read tea leaves.

  3. I think women need to be a little more careful than men because idiots like are not afraid of women so much.

  4. If you have to use your gun, shoot to kill. Bean Bag Rounds in a SD situation only piss people off. There are no "warning shots." You are stoping a threat, and the surest way to stop a threat is to shoot until he stops twitching.

  5. Forget the beanbags...they're not lethal. Think 230 grain hollowpoints.

  6. I would like to add that the only reason guns scare people off is the "I don't wanna die" factor. When guns stop being lethal, they stop being scary.

  7. Wow. Just wow.

    Thank God my driveway is long enough to get the shotgun out before they get to the front porch.

    Wow. I had no idea those kind of people existed.

  8. Spot on. It's not paranoia when there's a psychopath in the neighborhood.

  9. Spot on. Protect yourself. Be vigilant.

  10. Spot on. Always have your weapon, just in case.

    What's the old phrase.... I'd rather have my weapon handy and not need it, than need it and not have have it handy.

  11. Your not being paranoid, just realistic.

  12. Thanks all! Stephen I didn't post you're last two comments since it was my bad the first wasn't up. My mom is here so I was slow to approve them. Sorry. You guys are great. I think his thinking on the beanbag was "smack" " next one kills buddy" then put in a regular shot. Mostly because he knows I am a softy. However. I told him if it is us or him badguy gets a 9mm to the noggin.

  13. I'll agree with the "forget the bean bag" comments.

    If he's dangerous enough to point a loaded weapon at, then he's dangerous enough to shoot and kill.

    If the sight and sound of a shotgun being racked doesn't stop/slow/deter him, then a bean bag sure as hell isn't.

    I'm glad for the Dobermans. Jerkoffs like this one tend to be far more afraid of our dogs than they are of threats or even cops.

    The problem is, our bleeding heart society allows these jerks to be jerks. In the old days, the menfolk of that block would've come out and collectively whipped this guy's ass.

    Today, that would make HIM the victim.

    Crazy screwed up world.


  14. I know AOA. Husband was pretty bothered by the fact that the only one who dared even check on her was me. Made him feel even happier that I have my own weapon close by. Obviously can't rely on any sense of community. Sad too because several of our neighbors are LEO.


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