Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Occupying pish-posh.

Those people drive me batty. I honestly haven't paid a tone of attention to them because their basic message is annoying. It is this whole "I am in a bad place because you made me that way" idea that has our country so screwed up. Do I think that Wall Street and other major entities suck? Sure do. Honestly I think they knew collapse was coming and padded their wallets and did nothing for the little people. I also think that if you refuse to take responsibility for your own mess you are stupid. We have 1 credit card. I pay 2 bills with it and then pay it off 2 weeks later. We have some debt. My car. The house. We actually did something we have never done and bought "toys". We got a loan for that as well. We pay above on all of them. Honestly except for the house (investment we hope, though Nevada sucks) we see them as credit builders so while we pay above the payment we don't rush to pay them off either. We chose our debt. My weekly budget is tight with the extra family in the house right now. We haven't put as much away as we wanted because feeding 7 is very different than 4. However we do not lack, we do not go without. We made choices that have us in the position we are in and we are content with that position. Hubby has been through layoffs. We find a way. We don't blame the man. He worked 2 jobs and I worked another and we rotated child care duties between us. We buckle down and we cut back and we improvise when we have to. We plan for leaner times. We don't expect someone to rescue us. We don't blame other's for our hard times. Yes layoffs happen at horrible times and put people in cruddy situations. Finding another job can be difficult. BUT that mound of credit card debt was a choice. The giant house you should never have bought was a choice. Figure out a new life solution. Get creative. Stop whining and start winning.

So dumbnuts....... SHUT UP. Put all that energy into something useful. Seriously.


  1. I agree very much with what you just wrote...I'm sick of them.

  2. Sick of them puts it mildly. Grrrr....

  3. Too bad they will never accept the responsibility WE accept... sigh

  4. I know NFO. We would never even dream to behave like this. It truly disgusts me.


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