Monday, October 10, 2011

Research books?

So as I work on my youth series I am also reading some books for research ideas. I have "One Second After" and "Patriots" on the list but figured you guys would have some great ideas. As you guys know my series is going to take place about a generation after the apocalypse. Man made EMP which makes our response to a natural event impossible so we get hit twice. A side effect is going to be that the once hidden paranormal world gets a huge magical boost. My heroine is a cop trying to solve major issues. I may make her more an investigator or private eye. Not sure yet. So I plan to incorporate some survival stuff, paranormal stuff, crime stuff. I am totally looking for good book recommendations to read to get ideas and for research. Let me know your thoughts!!


  1. Stephen King's -- The Stand

    Robert McCammon -- Swan Song

    the above are very very long books, this next one is pretty short

    Piers Anthony -- But what of earth.. get the unabridged version, This book deals more with the prepper/survivalist mindset

  2. 'One Second After' is a good book for ideas, I'm sure you will enjoy it. I have ordered Rawles new book 'Survivors' as well.

  3. Thanks guys! After my day of idiots I think reading is what I need.

  4. Jim Butcher- Dresden Files... :-)

  5. Of those two, "One Second After" is much more useful to you than "Patriots".

    So, maybe a terrorist EMP weapon, then a similar natural event that also does the psychic/magical boost? Here's an idea:

    Just some random thoughts for you.

  6. Thanks NFO! If you and North are recommending it then I must read!

    Thank you Robert for the link. I'll be sure to check it out!

  7. Lila, hit On the bar click 'outdoors' then scan a wee bit and hit 'fiction.' More than you read.

  8. Lila, Guffaw of was a PI for years before he retired. He is sure to be a resource for any investigative questions you may have. He also has an AA in Criminology, and studied under and with alot of cops. May not be a book, but don't neglect your HUMINT.


  9. I'll go peek Stephen thanks!!

    TCA You rock! Thank you!!

  10. Rawles new fiction book

    "Lights Out" by a fellow named David Crawford.

  11. Thanks Ryan!! We've missed your commenting awesomness!!


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