Monday, October 17, 2011

Feeling out the family....

Made a casual remark at a family gathering this weekend to feel out some more family as to retreat preps. Her comment was "I'm not worried." On one hand I can get that because this particular bunch has acreage they tend, a large garden, a bunch of chickens, horses, and are decently situated with in the community so as to not really be bothered by locals. In fact before our retreat thoughts became less about just our 4 and more about long term and wider family they were where I considered going for those reasons. So if those are the reasoning then I will take a sigh of relief and leave them to plan their own way I guess. If however it is more of a not really seeing these signs the way we do then I am unsure what to do. Do I let it go? Do I try to open their eyes? Do I risk freaking her out? I honestly think a lot of why her husband does what he does is because he sees the signs more and is more attuned but this makes talking to her about this plan concerning.

How do you handle this issue? I know we all have people we love and wish to protect. People we want to see safe and healthy with us. How do you try to get them to see your worries are valid and at least raise the thought of preparing?


  1. Has she given you some reason in the past to make you fear to just ask her outright?

  2. No, not really, I guess. Probably more that I tend to not want to overstep or be viewed as the resident crazy. I don't want to strain our relationship.

  3. I figured it was the "resident crazy" part.

    Lead by example and they'll figure it out.

  4. I don't know. I wish I could comment with some nugget of common sense or intrepid suggestion but I have none. I just started preparing recently and it's a tricky subject to approach with others who don't see the need to prepare. I've been thinking about this. Let us know how it goes.

  5. Thanks Matt! I know that really that is all I can do. Just sucks some times. I already feel like the odd ball.

    Will do GBG.

  6. I think it is worth the effort to feel out the situation some more. But I would tread very lightly, maybe bring up some interesting news item that you could relate to prepping in some way and see how they react. If you go slow and easy you’re less apt to scare them.


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