Monday, October 24, 2011

Invited the crazies!

Uggg..... I really think God figured I needed testing or reminding or something. Pffttt....

To explain my upcoming stupidity I will begin by saying that the kids set the house alarm off not even a week ago. Niece set the house on lock down yet did not inform her brother who decided to walk out the back door. Thus waking us to wailing sirens. Hubby of course leaves the room first armed with me behind him. Scared my nephew half to death to hear that slide rack.

Add the dumb visitor and I should have not been stupid. I know better.

Last night at 12:35 the home alarm siren goes off again. I wake hubby up. Due to taking my Mom shooting (more on that later) the .45 was not loaded with the right rounds so hubby needed to load it. I figured it was the kids and was walking out when hubby got ticked. I was reminded that our rule is when the alarm goes off one of us is armed when we leave that bedroom. End of story.  Bad Lila. Once he has armed he proceeded me down the stairs and through the house. Our front door was opened. Only maybe 3-4 inches. Not enough to be the result of wind. Lock was not fudged. Kids were all in bed.

We let the teens lock the house down and the front door wasn't checked so the security bolt wasn't put on. Our fault. More mine really. The men work really early. Brother-in-law is up by 2:30 and Hubby by 4. I get to sleep until at least 6 so realistically I need to be the one to lock the house down and make sure security is sound. Sucks when on my painful days I want to go to bed early.

Pretty sure the theory that yard sales bring in the trash is now proven sound. Great fun eh? I so can't wait until we move away from here!


  1. I have to admit, I thought you were going a bit overboard on the home defense stuff. NOT ANY MORE! That is some scary stuff! Especially as you were all home and the cars were in the driveway. I mean where else would you be at midnight? If someone is willing to break into your home, knowing the whole family is inside, he would not hesitate to harm someone.

  2. Quite a few people in my life think I am now a paranoid nut job. I am a hermit who now sees disaster everywhere. In reality I hope and pray we are wrong, that disaster isn't going to happen to us. BUT I am also refusing to hide from the potential any more. If SHTF I want us to be ready. That can be anything from an intruder to TEOTWAWKI.


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