Saturday, October 29, 2011

Taking in the Mossberg.

So we decided to put a different stock on the 12 gauge. We went with the pistol grip in the hopes that, for now, that would help with my shock absorption as well as adding a better butt pad. (It does btw) Well when we took of the original stock a little piece of plastic fell out. My brother-in-law was pretty sure of what it was and recommended a test fire for confirmation. He is darn good with the internals of a gun. Sure enough our safety was broken. Darn thing fires even when on safe. Luckily I got it at my favorite place, the mecca of stores, and am taking it in to them who will then ship it off to be fixed for me. Hubby was not pleased at all. We did the test fire during the day we took my Mama shooting and he was ticked as hell. He let her fire it and I used the new stock to get a feel but he was of course extra careful of the safety rules. Brother-in-law thinks it is because of the switch to plastic parts that the internals are just easier to break and shift. I am sure he would know. He spent over an hour on one .22 yesterday breaking it down completely to put in a buffer pin, lol.


  1. Good move to send it back, safety DOES come first!

  2. Thank you! We are pretty safety conscious.


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