Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When a fallen hero needs our help....

we stand up and give it. Months ago I shared a blog with you all that a beautiful wife was writing through her grief about her Marine husband being killed in action. She was very raw, very personal, and so very strong. Her story was heartbreaking. It was moving and it really brought home how deeply this war hurts those left behind.

Now she is trying to make sure her husband's greatest wish is still made possible. He was in the process of adopting their eldest daughter when he was killed. He had done all the paper work, had completed the home studies, had submitted the forms but as forms do they were lost. He was going to re-submitt those forms when he got home but failed to return alive. His daughter deserves to know that she is HIS always and forever. She deserves his name and his legacy.

Tj's wife once again posted a beautiful blog on the subject here. To sign the petition she is filling with signatures that are going to her governor please follow the link on her blog or click here. Help Tj and Taylor be father and daughter in every way and help Mary get more peace. She deserves that from all of us.


  1. Done, thanks for letting us know.

  2. The thanks is all mine! I know how grateful the whole family must be with the support. Our little chunk of world is good like that and you are always one of the best!!


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