Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I hope I get to go hunting.

The deer season started on Friday. Hubby has to work until next Friday. I have to be home to drive kids to birthday parties and throw a party for our youngest. That leaves me three days to get my deer. I sure hope I find a stupid one who is willing to walk out and say "Hi" during the few hours I can actually be out of the house. Hubby can hunt pretty much the whole week he is off, so at least if I don't get one, he has a better chance. He also drew out for a cow elk this year. I am hoping we get something, because once you draw out, you lose all of your points and we had to wait four years to draw THIS year. Here's hoping for stupid deer (and/or elk) and a full freezer! I will let you all know if we get anything.


  1. Think night hunt and a headlight....it really works. But do please keep a low profile.

  2. You will do great. If not your guy will just because he is to pigheaded to accept otherwise, lol.

  3. Stephan, night hunts are illegal here and I would really rather not get my hunting licence revoked for years and years. There was a deer poached IN MY DRIVEWAY last year and the whole situation sucked. The neighborhood lost a beautiful (almost pet) buck and the offender got hit with a ton of charges. ( shooting at night, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and a few more.) The meat was also wasted because at first everyone thought he had been hit by a car. guy would have gotten away with it had he not confessed.

    Lila, I know Hubby will get one, he has almost two weeks to hunt for his. I actually took a second look at the tags last night and I will have five days to hunt instead of three. That makes my odds much better.

  4. Gracie, it was a joke...I have a weird since of humor...

  5. Hey I didn't know anything about night hunts so color me informed, hehe.

    Gracie I think my rainbows and sunshine need to rub off some more! You found the beauty of the 5 but look at the joy of getting rid of husband for a nice chunk of time AND him bringing back meat, or the fact that maybe you can just accidentally let a boy or two stow away sometimes, bahahaha. Rainbows baby!

  6. Stephan, I figured it was a joke, but wasn't quite sure. You are allowed to night hunt in certain counties here. Mine just isn't one of them.

    Lila, I was totally thinking the same thing about hubby, but I am having a hard enough time with him having to go back on nights, I don't really want him to go camping without me.

  7. Do you want one with a "bullseye" bithmark on his shoulders, too? ;)


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