Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maybe we need to really examine these Occupy people.

So while my Mom was here I made a comment that the Occupy people were driving me nuts. Being my Mom she proceeded to do some educating. One of the many amazing things about my Mom is that we can discuss differing views without contention or strife. She raised a very valid point. A lot of the big stories we were hearing about this movement was on media owned by the same mega rich who are still profiting so well by Wall Street and their lovely closed mouth use of bail out money. I give that point to her wholeheartedly. My Mom and I have pretty different politics. She tends to be pretty firm Democrat with some conservative tendencies, lol. I am just anti-big government. One thing we talked about was that while there are plenty in this protest for the wrong reasons and expecting things they need to grow up and provide for themselves there is a good large percentage there for a just reason. They bought their houses smart and as an investment, they worked hard to build their 401K, they lived their lives following the American Dream. Then everything came crashing down. Suddenly their investments were gone and their property values were nill. Then they got laid off. No one wanted to hire them because there was younger and cheaper labor to fill the void and work just as hard. Those people are the people we need to think about supporting. I know if it were my Mom or someone I love hurting because of how roughshod banking and Wall Street runs their ships I would be pretty pissed. If it were us. As "preppers" we take preparation to a whole new level. We work to make sure we can survive calamity, no matter the cause. A lot of us got in to this BECAUSE of the Wall Street fiasco and the housing drop. They crippled our economy and continue to do so and we see the potential for total collapse written on the wall. The difference between us and the majority of protesters is that rather than protest we have decided to not expect them to learn a thing and have decided to take our futures and our safety into our own hands. My Mom sent me this video this morning. The message in it is sound.

To the percentage of protesters who are there who refuse to even try to work or think and just expect someone to take care of them- SHAME ON YOU!!! You are lazy and crude and vile and you are giving the hard working men and women who really have something to say and truth on their side a bad name. They and their message deserve better. My Mom brought up thoughts of the revolution as an example of when the working majority once again got tired of being treated like dirt and their blood profited on. We speak of how we wish more would share our outrage. I think that we have our wish. They are just purposely being overshadowed by the stupid in an effort to keep more from joining the rage that is building to a boiling point. Maybe just maybe if we truly examined the true thoughts behind this rage we would see that they are not on opposite sides of this fence we seem to have built. Our country is changing. We had already accepted it and planned our course. Looks like others have begun to see that same writing on the wall and are choosing, in some ways, a braver course.


  1. Unfortunately here the old saying, "One rotten apple spoils the whole bunch."

    In this case you have one good apple, while all the others are rotten.

    Here's a short list of some of the big baddies:

    George Soros via his many organizations.

    Bill Ayers, American Terrorist and felon

    Barrack Obama , Bill Ayers's buddy from a long ways back.

    The American Communist Party

    The American Nazi Party

    Cair and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    There are many more smaller corrupt groups.

    Sure the banks and Wall street are screwing us all left and right, but you have to who all is involved.

    It's the same reason you limit your children's friends, and try to curb just who all they hang out with. Evil companion-ships corrupt good manners.

    It's simply not enough to have "good intentions". It's about who your playmates are. The message never really had a chance.

    Remember that list above?

    All the above have befriended the OWS movement.

    Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

  2. Oh Matt I agree there are people using this to further their own agendas. Pretty typical of cruddy people to slide in and mangle something for their own gain. My point is more that quite a few of them are thinking just like us. They are tired of the corruption. They deserve credit and respect for that. Every group has people looking to destroy the message or profit. No one can claim perfection. The theme though. The idea. That deserves at least a nod of respect. My thinking anyway. Maybe I am more apt to see the shades of gray? Nothing is black or white anymore. I wish it was that easy though.

  3. Sure some are angry. Instead of saving for their goal they swallowed the "Community Re-Investment" coolaid and went into debt to buy a house at an inflated price. Seven out of ten of these buyers were in a specific protected class (One of many) that would have proven suicide for a lending institution to not approve a loan to. Special "rules" were instituted were debt could not be considered and unstable income had to be taken as gospel...just to name one special condition.

    This caused those institutions to bundle these bad loans into something they could sell to try and make up for the forced gamble they had to make by law or suffer attacks from the government and these hardworking people your mother speaks of. When it all went South it took those same privileged buyers 401k's with it.

    Now they are angry and just hardworking people who tried and failed? Aren't these the ones who stormed bank lobbies a few years ago?

    Sorry these are the ones who have been voting their wealth redistribution and politically correct social engineering into effect without considering the consequences for decades.

    Time to pay the piper I guess.

  4. I agree that many in my generation bought more house than they should under loans that were stupid risks and then got royally paid back for their mistakes.

    A chunk though seem to be men and women who saved a good percentage down, who tried to make a good investment and not run their lives on credit, who invested in their retirement funds sponsored by the big companies they worked for. Then those companies turned around and made stupid choices with the money. The market tanked and Wall Street profited. Housing failed because banks chose to let dirty lending go in an effort to make themselves more money. After all if the borrower defaulted on the ridiculous loan the bank got the house and could recoup some of the loss. Fair in some ways but pretty tricky in others. My generation has a huge amount of stupid people looking for the easy way out, making incredibly dumb financial choices and then hoping someone else will fix it. My generation is full of blameless morons. But we aren't all bad. My husband and I prove that. There is always an exception to the rule. What I am saying is that the core thought of this cause- That Banks and Wall Street were left to reek havoc by a government so busy fiddling with policy that everyone forgot what accountability was - is a good thought. A large chunk of these people are pissed at our government and at the banks and at Wall Street for screwing over this nation. THEY ARE THINKING LIKE US. They are just expressing is very differently. Sure there are ass hats involved. Every movement has the stupid jerks out to make a buck, screw the system, or pervert the thought. My point here is that their core concept honestly, truly, has more in common with our own thought process than I had given them credit for. Do I think a bunch of them are stupidity filled lazy people. Sure. They are the ones Big Media owned by these mega rich are highlighting. These organizations wanting the US to become even more of a place for filth that have decided to step into the mix suck and can meet me in a dark ally. BUT those who genuinely have just cause to be pissed because they trusted that the institutions that were supposed to be working for them to ensure their futures royally screwed them over deserve me to at least acknowledge that they have the right to protest the filth that messed up their lives without being bashed for it. To them I say BRAVO! The ones perverting the message can suck lead.

  5. One thing we often do is pick out the screw ups. We pull them apart. BUT we aren't looking at all our military as crap because those screwed up couple decided to turn against this country. We honor them for their service and sacrifice.

    A lot of us have great respect for all forms of LEO despite some pretty amazing shows of asshatery. We know that those few despicable few touted in the media do not make up the whole.

    All I am saying is maybe we should consider that just because we see the filth and vile choices flashing across our screens of some of these protesters does not mean they should all be painted with the same brush. They could have a message they are trying to share that media and those of us taking those reports and those negative people joining in as the whole story are missing.

  6. I just don't see any innocents when it comes to the housing/debt/stock market crash and I do not blame the banks for them either. Now being bailed out is another matter that hasn't been mentioned but the housing bust was the fault of the progressive liberals and their big government options.

    These financial institutions were left with no choice but to lend. If they denied more than a handful it was civil rights injunctions and investigations accompanied by community action mobs in their lobbies. So why not make the best of it they could and sell these to fannie and freddie or bundle them into something that could bring them in some kind of return? Liberal politics forced this on us the banks wouldn't have taken such chances on their own.

    Just my opinion anyway.

  7. Lila, this thing obviously has hit home with you more than it has with others. But their whole message was hijacked even before any showed up at the park to start protesting.

    While I differ some with PP, he's pretty spot on with the banks. They, for all intents and purposes, had a gun held to their heads and were forced to make these millions of bad loans.

    Are the banks corrupt? Sure, of that I have no doubt. They were bailed out and then they did nothing but sat on that money instead of helping those that could have stayed in their homes with only a small amount of help.

    That right there is an example of an innocent in my book. I've heard countless stories of people who couldn't refinance their homes, who more than met the criteria, who ended up walking away.

    There were a lot more innocent people who bought homes in good faith who had to walk away because so many assholes who shouldn't have been in a home got repo'ed. The value of their homes was destroyed because of this.

    So yes their were many innocent victims in all this and I hope you and hubby fell into that category.

    I realize that it seems I'm playing both sides here. But initially it really was the government that created this mess.

    And it's the same party that seems to show up on this video you have up. Democrats. Having the filth of Alan Grayson to spout some of his usual trash doesn't help your side.... sorry but I gotta say that.

  8. Oh Matt I get that. I tend to have pretty conservative tendencies with some Republican thrown in. I tend to vote with whomever best fits my values and what I want to see happen. I did not vote for Obama. Won't next time. I want a heck of a lot less government. The reason we have Libertarian in our name is honestly because that label comes closest to what we all 3 want. Just hard to find that in any candidate.

    The video has some valid points. My mom has valid points. I think those innocents are the ones I am trying here to say that I see their woes and I support them. We have been lucky. Most of those I love have been lucky. Some not so much. Family has struggled in their loan and met the criteria for a modification. Their modification was 20 dollars MORE than they were paying already. WTF? Obama spouts his jobs and housing rescue crap and then banks say sure and then hardly any help comes. I think that is what a bunch of these people are trying to protest over. Yet that has gotten steamrolled over. THAT makes me sad. We bought based on the payment I projected into our budget that we were willing to pay, not on what a bank said we could afford. We are good. Our house still has lost value. It sucks but we are okay with it just because we are also okay with holding on to it for a long while. We also aren't going to hurt over it because we pay well within my husbands wages. The innocent people who have had to camp in their yard because they were forced out, (we have a family doing that here) while still in "modification talks" deserve to be heard. Just think they deserve that at least and some respect for getting tired of being silent and trying to take a stand even if their message is getting taken over by some who suck.

  9. Good points and good post! Thanks for the view!


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