Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The actual meaning of Libertarian. *Repost*

***I thought this would be a good time to revive an old post. See when it comes to politics the three of us are pretty aligned in thought but we do have issues we each differ on. We are pretty open to discussing them but since Ms. Maggy has a major case of life needing her attention (Full time job, Monster raising to say the least) and Gracie and I are a bit more free with our time I wanted to make one thing more clear. This isn't an anti-Dem blog. (Mags would want to make sure we were fair!) Or a for anything blog either lol unless it is for a more free-will based society. We definitely agree that there is way to much politicing and not enough actual benifit to it. Things are getting more and more complicated with the new laws and judgements and clarifications. We are of the KISS thought. Keep It Simple Stupid! So my earlier post wasn't about bagging on Obama. It was about the giggle factor of the bumper sticker and the creator's creativity.***

This is what dictionary.com has listed.

Pronunciation [lib-er-tair-ee-uhn]

a person who advocates liberty, esp. with regard to thought or conduct.
a person who maintains the doctrine of free will.

advocating liberty or conforming to principles of liberty.
maintaining the doctrine of free will.

Origin: 1780–90; libert(y) + -arian

I know that many people have no idea what being Libertarian means. We tend to believe that government has reached a bit farther into our lives than they should and that if the people were trusted more our country might just be a better place.


  1. What, nothing about the zero aggresion policy?

  2. Lol! Just wanted a basic definition.

  3. I used to think of myself as a Republican. Then I thought I was a Libertarian. Now I just don't fool with it. That's what happens when you get old and grouchy.

  4. I kind of fell this way. I am not all of anything. Libertarian is the closest it gets lol. I tend to just vote with who closest fits what I need and want addressed. Could be from any party. I think I like the label of Libertarian the best because I am just so sick of the misleading, overspending, do nothing, majority. They make laws to stifle the country and pass others to exempt them selves. It is a joke.

  5. Lila, great minds think alike. I couldn't agree with you more. When my Republican Senators voted for the bail out, to enrich the money grubbers on Wall Street and the other Fat Cats at the expense of working people, that was it. I was a Republican no more. There's no difference between the two major parties , they're both about maintaining their own power and perks. They don't care about the rest of us at all.

  6. I know. It just seems to be about protecting themselves. It has long stopped being about the middle American family.


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