Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reaping the rewards

Tonight for dinner, I walked out the back door and picked several of the ingredients from my garden. The lettuce is so tender it rips apart when you try to pick it. I had a very hard time breaking it off near the stalk. The swiss chard is both in the salad and cooked like spinach and topped with butter and salt. I added radishes to the salad that I grew in the garden.
I can't WAIT for the rest of the garden to start producing. I am especially anxious for tomatoes. We bought four more plants today to replace the ones that didn't make it. Our eyes also got a little bit bigger than our plot and we came home with three watermelons, two canteloupe, three pumpkins, a crookneck squash, two zucchini and sixteen (you read that right, sixteen) cucumbers. We are going to have to expand part of the garden for the squashes and pumpkins. I am also giving away four of the cucumber plants. There will be lots of pickles this year!


  1. I'm so jealous of those who can have a garden! Where I live, we have herds of deer that just come through and mow down anything edible - and to top it off, I live in a heavily forested area - not enough sun to sustain a garden. Lucky you! I look forward to the fresh produce this time of year. I'm headed to my Father IN Law's house for Father's Day, and anticipate leaving there with a bag full of fresh veggies from their garden. :-)

  2. Lord have mercy! That sure looks good. Your husband is a lucky man to have a wife who can make such a good supper! Now that it's just me and my wife at home, we don't often make "regular" meals. I kind of miss that.

  3. Maura, it is usually too short of a growing season here to have a garden. My husband came up with a design to allow us to plant MUCH earlier than most people. I have friends who are just now starting to plant. I wonder if there is a way to be able to overcome the problems in your area too?

    Hermit, I hate cooking and usually don't make fancy meals (not that this meal was "fancy" either). I was just too excited over my produce and had to incorporate it as much as possible.


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