Thursday, June 9, 2011

A real man!

I was raised all over the place by a single father who worked his tail off to provide. We spent quite a few years in Texas where I got to watch my grandparents marriage. My grandfather was a veteran and tough as nails but also a newspaper man and very soft spoken. One thing that always stuck with me was the way he treated my grandmother. She was a treasure. You could tell he let her be the boss most of the time unless he thought there was something to worry over. He always opened the door for her, held her hand, kissed her good night. He was so very sweet with her and they were married well over 50 years before he died. After his death it was as if a part of her had gone missing. She was never the same and she passed a few years later missing him every day.

I knew that was the kind of man I wanted to marry and I was blessed to find him. Hubby is very good to me and very tolerant. I feel like a broken mess some days between the lack of sleep with tending our little one and my FMS aches and pains yet still he never leaves without telling me he loves me, he calls to let me know he is thinking of me and he kisses me as soon as he comes home. He actually gets annoyed when I open my own door. He pushes me to be the best me and gets angry when I pick on myself. He is just that kind of man. A real man!!!

Then you see the other side of the coin. As I have delved more into my gun, my carry options, my research about women in the gun community I have discovered some great bloggers. Men and women. They are quick with a kind and helpful word and very welcoming which is nice for a homebody like me who really doesn't go out much. One of these women writes a blog called The Breda Fallacy. I really enjoy her posts. She is smart, which is refreshing when you spend your day talking to a toddler and makes her posts are divine. She is well written which suits the writer in me. She is a self-professed geek which helps me feel not so alone among the very intimidating Big Boys Club. Recently she posted a picture taken by her husband of her wearing her gun openly. (Open Carry) A man who very much falls onto the flip side of the gentleman coin then took that picture, posted it on his own blog, and titled it in such a way as to be completely degrading. She details his response to her cease and desist request here. This guy finally took the picture down but left up the horrible post as a very low way to bring in traffic to his blog. Now most of us blog with the hope that we reach at least someone and maybe help them or entertain them or there are even some who don't care. I love our 24 followers! Not a complaint. I am writing with the hope that all the different things we are doing to make our plans and live our lives helps just one person through their day. This guy is in it for the notoriety. He used a decent woman like an object and then went all high and mighty over it like he was the victim. In the words of a dear friend "Bitch, Please!". No woman deserves that and no person should stand for the treatment of another. I have refused to even visit the blog in question as that just makes this jerk happy. I hope every one else does the same. Drop his numbers to nill. Maybe then he will get the clue that women deserve better. I doubt it but we will see!


  1. Your friend shouldn't feel like the Lone Ranger. There are some incredible swine out there masquerading as human beings. I had a blog a couple of years ago and someone said I was "abusing" the blog. Google kicked me off, deleted my account, my comments, my email. They never responded to any of my queries as to just what my transgression was supposed to have been. Given their reputation, I suppose my crime was being conservative. Your friend needs to just forget this guy. There are thousands of them, not worth her concern.

  2. Try taking sublingual B12 tablets for your FMS. If you take Previcid or Nexium, they can block B12 absorbsion. Low B12 can mimick (cause?) FMS. If this starts to help you may need B12 injections for several months to a year. I hope this helps. Bless you and thank you for this blog.

  3. Thanks Hermit! The offender is pretty much blacklisted, at least throughout the blogs I read. I love free speech but am a huge beliver of just because we can doesn't mean we should. Bashing a popular femal blogger for the sake of upping your page views is just plain dumb.

    Thanks Anon. My sister in law has been telling me of the benifits for a while and my husband has said I should do some good research and really add a good regimen of suppliments since I am so stubborn about meds. I currently only take Savella and Topamax. I was diagnosed last fall but have felt this way sine my teens so I got used to suffering. I trained myself to put up with it. I complain out loud but not nearly like I should. Hubby says I need to stop being so stubborn. Thank you! Thank you for reading!


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