Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bikes and Bullets!

This past weekend marked the end of Hubby's time off so we gathered up our girls, our nephew, the quads and decided to go for a ride. We really haven't done any riding locally. Usually we take them with us when we head north for family things as 2 of my husbands sisters live in some wide open country with great places to trail ride. We went to a close area that is mostly a dry lake with a few side trails to keep it gentle for the little one. We had a blast! I got a tiny bit sunburned but my fair skin does that even though the sunscreen. Monkey fell asleep like she usually does. I taught Bug a bit about the driving of one of the 250's which tickled her pink. We saw a few dessert squirrels and lizards.

On the way home we stopped to shoot. Hubby got a new .45ACP that he is in love with! He is an amazing shot so of course hit all his targets. I am doing better and got both of mine as well. Nephew is the proud new owner of a Taurus Judge. He shot as well and did pretty good. He was the main reason we had stopped because he hadn't shot it yet. He is an amazing kid. He is almost 13 and very mature. I think a lot of that comes from his diabetes. He had to grow up and be more aware because his life depended on it. I think his dad taking him hunting pretty much his entire life has also been a big help. He is very weapon aware.

All in all a pretty great Saturday in our desert oasis.


  1. I always enjoyed the desert. Your blog is making me wish I'd settled there instead of the mountains. But then, where ever I am, I want to be somewhere else. You'd think I'd grow out of that some day.

  2. I try to find something to like about where ever we are. I am a nomad and so this moving every few years fits with that because I get to see so much. I think the biggest down side in SHTF mode is the lack of easy water and hunting. It would be very hard to supplement things out here. As our retreat this is not the place. Dream is a bit like your brother and you combined. In the mountains within miles of the coast. Husband hates water but says it is doable. We will see when we get closer to actually buying some property and getting it going.


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