Thursday, June 9, 2011

When a family needs our help .....

then we do what we can.

I spent about 8 years in San Antonio as a child. Some of my best memories are of the friends I made there and the beauty of the internet is that I can now keep in touch with many of those friends. One of those friends needs some help for her boys. 2 of her sons, Spencer and Bryton, were born with a defect in their throats that can lead to very severe and life threatening complications. The wonderful thing is that there is surgery that can be done to fix this. Both boys are scheduled for surgery in July. It requires a month long stay in Boston relocating the family from Texas. They have been able to get the surgery itself covered but the living expenses and costs of maintaining their home in Texas and renting a room or place in Boston are not covered by insurance and one member of the family is still an infant which means Amy can't be in the ICU the whole time. Amy has a page for donations and giving much better detail of the situation here.

The boys are also up for a charity donation from a salon hoping to raise up to $15,000. This money would be a godsend for these boys. Many across the net and off of it are fighting for these boys and for this family and I had to add my voice. I hate to see a child suffer, especially due to finances, when the family is hard working and so very helpful to others in need. So please visit this website and cast your vote for the Pratt brothers. Visit from your computer, your phone. Visit and vote every day!! Help these boys get the surgery they need to live long healthy happy lives without worry or fear.


  1. Thank you for posting that - I just voted for them. They are down about 100 votes under the 1st place option right now - so I think every vote counts in this. North pointed my way to your blog, and I will definitely help the Pratt Brothers with voting. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Maura!! I have been voting on every thing I can. Both phones and comp lol ! These boys need this surgery and Amy is so worried that she will have to send them alone.

  3. I'll try to vote. It's a shame people have to go through all this on top of medical problems. Seems like we could do better in this country. My daughter had some major medical problems while she was a student in Canada. The British Columbian Government paid for all but one hundred dollars of the costs because she was on a student visa.

  4. I agree. We could do better. The billions we give away should be spent on our own issues. Makes me sad. I have a lot of hope, I have too, but I am a realist. Things are very likely to far gone in the wrong direction. So I will watch and see and pray and plan.


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