Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day in our house!

We woke early as Monkey thinks 6-7 AM is the perfect time to get up. Drives me nuts on mornings I want to sleep in. The girls gave their gifts to their dad. Each picked out a T-shirt having to do with hunting and a cute card. Bug also made him a sweet bookmark with a picture of the two of them on it. It was laminated and everything. Hubby loved it! Then Hubby and my BIL cleaned their rigs. Both trucks are driven to their jobs and my husband's is on park lands so it gets pretty dirty. Then we took all 3 to the car wash to be spiffed up even more. Then Hubby cleaned his new .45. We have a camping trip coming up and he wanted it nice and ready to defend. All this was done by 10 AM.

Then we curled up in the cool house and watched movies. I made dinner of baked lemon pepper chicken, rice, and green beans. Then Hubby walked me through how to clean my gun. I am going up alone with the kids a night before so we wanted my gun to be prepped as well, lol, and since it is my gun I refused to let him do the work. This was the first cleaning for the HK and I actually enjoyed it. It was less complicated than expected and very relaxing. Plus my guy is a very patient teacher.

***Ladies I recommend that even if you do not carry or plan to be the shooter you learn to clean and maintain as well as basic shooting skills. In a bind you may need to know these very important things. It could save your life!***

Hubby said it was a fabulous Father's Day! I had my doubts but he was happy and that was the whole point! I hope all of you had a very blessed day as well.


  1. Truck AND gun cleaning with good food and family time to boot. Sounds like a great day to me. I've be meaning to take the fam out shooting. Time to stop waiting for the perfect day and just pick A day.

  2. We are enjoying the time while we can. Soon Hubby will be non-stop work and I'll be doing these tasks on my own. Treasure it while you can!

  3. Nice blog, Lila. Hope you don't mind but I've linked you at mine. Have a great weekend.

  4. That is more than fine Stephen. I plan to add you to ours when I am on my computer and not my nook lol.


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