Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ryan makes a good point....

So if you do not know us well yet we have a companion blog written by men. Blech Cooties....Ah....... Okay not really.

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rant Fest! TSLRF for short. Ryan is their main writer but like us there are 3 over there. Anywhoodle Ryan recently made a post about being in a situation when your home/retreat is for some reason out of play. We have all heard of the famous Bug Out Bag and Go Bag. Another Blogger I thoroughly enjoy over at Straight forward In A Crooked World detailed the differences here and here. Very fine reading for those who are curious.

So to Ryan's post and the idea of the cache. I honestly hadn't given it a lot of thought. I have been stewing on my Run Box. A Lila version of things. A easy to carry tote with all of our important files as well as a few boxes of ammo for the weapons we carry, first aid, and emergency money and the like. I do like the idea of a cache though. We are lucky enough that this job puts us close enough to make a dash to family who is rural enough to be away from harm in a bad scenarion but close enough to be feesable. A cache of important things with them like a copy of the Lila Run Box might just be a good thing. The way things are looking who knows how soon we might need it. Scary to think about but absolutely on my mind these days.


  1. Ryans a good man. I've been reading him for years and he once lent me a book (which I did return!). He's way younger than I am though. It would have to be something really desperate to blast me out of my fort and put me out on the road as a refugee. I sure hope it never happens.

  2. Yup. We like him too! Maggie and he are friends from way back. When Mags though of starting up the blog he gave her ideas and she pulled Gracie and I in. So here we are. LOL. He is great at helping me find comp gun answers when my guy doesn't know what I need to know. Hubby is jot very tech savvy LOL.


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