Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Las Vegas plagued by fake cops!

Wow!! I try to keep up on events of the region so I follow news from different cities. If you don't know what is going on you can't prepare. Saw this news story and was pretty taken aback. To sum it up 4 men in recent weeks have been arrested for impersonating LEO of various branches. Doing some looking some have sexually assulted, some have just ticketed.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some go to perpetrate a crime. The funny thing is that all of the effort and funds they put into doing this crap could be spent doing something worthwhile but that switch in their brains has been flipped so they behave like scum instead. Is is no wonder the U.S. is loathed? We have a great blue collar population. But the lower chunk is full of lazy jerks looking for the easy way and the top chunk is looking for the best way to make more millions while spending the least possible. Of course the ones the most hurt are the law abiding hard working middle class.

Yuck!! If anyone deserves more tax breaks it is middle America. Mr. 1.5 billion won't miss a few million more in taxes. He just has more accountants and lawyers to play the system.

Anyway back to this lovely trend in tourist country. I read one of these smarty pants dudes even had the brass to walk right up to the real LEO. Wow. Talk about confidence. I think it is a sad day when this becomes a trend and when they are daring enough to figure they will pass muster even with real LEO. Yet more proof that having a CCW is a very good thing, especially for a woman. As is a cell.

Also should you encounter a cop that you are concerned about dial 911. Give your location and they can inform you of the nearest precinct and guide you there for your safety if it is at night and you are worried as well as if you are being pulled over by a real officer. If you are informing them and not making any effort to evade you will not be ticketed for that. Better safe than sorry.


  1. Oddly enough, I was just reading somewhere or other that this is becoming a problem on the West Coast as well.

  2. Creeps me out. If it is unmarked no matter where I am I'll probably call in an check.


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