Saturday, June 25, 2011

Better prepared than I thought.

Some of the recent posts on blogs I enjoy are far less hopeful than I and it got me a little worried. We are hard pressed to hole up here. If SHTF this is not the place to be and as far as preps go we are a young couple with young kids and hubby is in a career that does not lend itself to retreat building while also focusing on our idea of how we raise our kids. (I am at home so one income.) I have been focusing on these hurdles and worries and seeing the posts seemed to create the right mix for my nightmare prone brain. Last night was a doozy.

A great thing about my guy is he lets me share the dream then tells me what we would do different in life. He was at work today though. I didn't feel comfortable really sharing the dream but did share the worry about our preparedness level with my BIL. He surprised me by detailing the plan. Where we would go. How we would have food, build shelter, have water, harvest crops. The boys have it worked out and are ready. He said they are wanting a couple more shotguns and probably a .22 pistol for us.

As far as prepping the house he said they both think getting a couple 55 gallon drums for water would be smart but otherwise he isn't worried. That was very comforting to hear. So there is a plan LOL just one not shared with me very well. I think we will make that Lila box soon as well as getting a get home bag in Hubby's truck. Get the meeting place figured out for escape in a long term issue and get the local water resources better figured out for short term things. And keep letting my guy do his thing. He has it under control.


  1. My wife is the same way. She knows we moved where we did to be away from any big city. She said she saw a 100% change in me when we unpacked here. She says she is lucky to have a guy that lets her be a country girl, raising goats. I see a second income and food, milk, and cheese. She gets concerned that sometimes I buy extra at Sam's and stock up on non-perishables. But she is slowly seeing the same writing on the wall. She asks me questions about contingency plans and what to do once SHTF. I enjoy being able to tell her the plans and backups I have for us. I think she finds comfort in the fact that I'm looking out for us, and her family too. I was about to blog about how I spent the morning getting a large area ready for winter wheat. She asked if we could start growing some. :)

  2. Men like you are rare but so very awesome. You rock!

  3. My wife and I are old school Southern. She concentrates on home issues, I handle the overall plan. From her perspective it's up to me to take care of things and up to her to support me. My daughter is not like this at all, in fact, she and her boyfriend share all responsibilities equally. It's whatever works for you as far as I'm concerned. The big thing is, your family knows the situation and you are doing what you can to prepare. Everyone has time constraints, financial considerations, health issues, and on and on. Nobody is 100% ready. But you are working on it! You're light years ahead of most of your peers.

  4. I think Hubby and I fall a bit in the middle, lol. Being home my job is the kids and house and he works. We like it that way. But we also share in the planning. He just had more detail than I realized, lol. Which I am definitely not going to complain over. We also tend to think the same so usually if I am thinking it he already has and vice versa. We actually are a little creepy like that sometimes, lol. I knew he collected rope for a reason. I knew the cases of Ammo served a purpose. Just nice to hear how it aligned with mine.

  5. A 'get home bag' in your truck is important. I preach it all the time. All my friends (all vet's, we're tight knit) have them too. Don't live in fear, live prepared.

  6. Stephen you are the inspiration for the beg for Hubby! We always thing about escape but not getting back if needed. Luckily he can get from work to here without to much city if he had to but still would be helpful as he does work in the park by the area water source.


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