Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A dissatisfied fellow American?

I tend to stay away from major politics here. My feeling is we have far to much government and no one man can fix what is wrong. Not even a President. I think Obama has tried but what took decades to muck up won't be undone in a couple years. I am a bit nutty in that I have beliefs that can be labled very Dem and others very Republican. Honestly neither major party has what I want these days.

Anyway I saw this homemade bumper sticker and had to chuckle and take a pic. Driver even gave me a thumbs up hehehe. Being a Dodge family and having a husband much more firmly Republican it just was funny. I could see Hubby putting it on his truck LOL. I even sent it to him in text. If my cell camera shot is hard to see it says "Does this ASS make my truck look fat?"

Honestly we need a clean slate all over the place. People are realizing it as long sitting Senate and Congress members are voted out. We are speaking. To bad they just aren't listening.

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  1. That is funny! I don't care who's pic you put on a sticker like that, it would still be funny. As long as it was someone people would immediatly recognize. Thanks for the chuckle!


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