Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blog Roll!!

So our blog-roll is a work in progress as we make friends, discover wonderful writers, and expand our interests. Recently we have added a few to our list and we are very happy to have them, some are oldies under new names, others are followers who I finally took the time to check out in return and discovered wonderful blogs. All on our list are worth a look and cover a range of topics from prepping and food storage to gardening to guns and all the fun in between. I use Google reader so I read all the new posts of those on our list and try to comment on posts that really get me. It is a great way to follow all the different types of blogs. Check it out!!


  1. I love the list. I have tried to read most of the list, but some of them are so good I got stuck reading all of their postings, so you have actually reduced my productivity at work.

  2. I know huh. I love them all so much. Such great blogs. I only hope we come close to being as informative, entertaining, and helpful.

  3. I appreciate it when people put a blog list on their template. I've found a lot of good blogs to read that way I'd never have come upon otherwise.

  4. Me too! I especially feel better about the writer and closer when I see we enjoy some of the same blogs. Lets me know we are like minded which is nice.


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