Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wow what a last couple weeks!

Boy has my life seen some ups and downs over the last couple weeks. The hubs and I live life of the philosophy "live and let live". As long as you aren't putting my family in danger I have no trouble with you. We were lucky enough to find a neighborhood that fit that when we moved to the desert for this tunnel. No one really knows anyone else well though we do know those who attend our church. It isn't a block party type place. It is a place where our kids all play outside together. We stay out of each others business. Honestly the only time I have interacted with some beyond a hello has been over the kids. It is a pretty quiet place which we love. We keep our eyes out for danger for each other but we don't meddle. It is our kind of place. With the market crash here a lot of the homes have turned over to new owners since we have been here but the vibe has stayed the same. Well we got a new next door neighbor in a house that was empty for over a year. This neighbor was not of that philosophy and not of the type to knock on the door and talk if there was a concern like the rest of us are. We had (still ticked, grrrr) a black lab that the rescue Gracie works with found as a newborn pup. He was a bit dopey and very big. Too big for me but Hubby wanted a breed big enough to help with protection as his job requires long hours with me home alone with the girls. The part we failed to take into consideration was my FMS. It means I don't have the muscle strength to wrestle his weight and strength without paying a price so during the day while our daughter was at school Jasper was on a line in the back yard. He was on a line to keep him from eating everything as his 17 month old puppy brain still loved to devour trampolines and wood furniture. If he saw me pass a window he barked until he realized I was not bringing him in. He also barked if it was stormy. He also barked if he stayed on the line to late into the evening and it started to get dark. He was kind of a sensitive gent. Love him but he has quirks. Anywhoodle Mrs. New Neighbor decided he was a nuisance though no other neighbor had ever complained and we had had him for 14 months. So we got a visit from Animal Control. First visit was about him being on the line. We let the officer see the line and were reassured as were they that he was well taken care of. He was not left on the line all day. He had access to shade, food, and water. Then 2 weeks ago on Monday husband is on swings and i am putting my little one to bed. Bug had not brought him in and so he of course panicked as dark approached. Nice lady came over and yelled at my nephew to bring him in. Didn't ask for an adult. Yelled at the 12 year old. The next day Animal Control is back with a report he barks for 14 hours a day every day. I am told if they come again I will be ticketed in increasing fine increments until he is silenced. The situation can't be changed. Jasper is sensitive, I am not going to be cured tomorrow, a shock collar just tortures him. So we had to surrender him. The kids were destroyed. Monkey is 2 so she has no idea what is going on just that her dog is gone and she bawls constantly for days. It was horrible. I had a flare of monumental proportions. Sheer agony. Poor diabetic nephew had keytones for 4 days due to stress. I may be a horrid mother but I let the kids pick out a smaller rescue dog to try to help them feel better so we have a new addition.

Then came that Thursday. For a year Hubby had been in prep for a hunt to Canada with his dad and BIL for Bear and Wolf. He drives up and discovers his mom is in the hospital with a clot in her lung. She has had numerous health issues stemming from her own struggle with FMS. Pretty serious so he is stressed but she sends him on. His plane is broken making him miss the next 2 flights. He lands in Canda where somehow they have his unsealed juvenile record and they deny him entry despite the fact he was able to hunt there last year and obviously committed no crimes and has not committed crimes in a very long time since his time as a foster kid. Soooooooo he has to fly right back home. 8 flights in 2 days and 8 hours of drive time and he meets me with family. Poor guy is beat physically and emotionally. He has paid his dues has worked his tail off and got bit for it. Sucky ducks!!!

So he decided to take the week off and hang out with me anyway. He was scheduled for the time and we had the money to cover it so figured why not. It was nice. We went shooting, we took the quads out with the kids, we watched our favorite shows. I loved having time with him that is so rare though I hated the price that came with it.

That has been my last 2 weeks! Pretty interesting huh? What it hammered home to me was that you aren't always lucky in who you have for a neighbor. AND government really needs to take more in to account than just what it wants to use to manipulate things. People are made up of many things and no single moment defines anyone. Some moments are bigger than others and absolutely can and do ruin lives but an entire life should be used when you judge someone.


  1. I don't live near people and that's why. The person who caused you all that trouble would find that trouble has a way of coming home if she lived in these mountains. We had a woman from New Hampshire move up into our part of the mountains once, and she thought she'd tell everyone how to live. She moved away pretty darn quick. Sorry about your dog. I hope someone adopts him. I get most of my dogs when I find them dumped off on the forest service road.

    The Canadians do some bad things. My kids went to school in Vancouver for two years. Their student visas expired and the Canadians gave them two weeks to get out of the country. This after I spent more than $75,000 on apartments, tuition, food, etc up there. However, if you are Chinese , Korean or African it appears you can come stay in Canada forever.

    Sorry things have been so hard lately. Living around other people is a recipe for misery.

  2. It is one of the downsides to this business. We tend to be in populated areas because the tunnels are government projects to improve things. This one is to ensure water gets to the parched city because they never thought the lake could drop and the current intake pipes are not too far under the lake line. We could live more isolated but the risk of that in such a crime high zone is that if something were to happen we would be well and truly screwed. Being closer to population adds a small layer here of safety as neighbors are at least likely to call 911 and our police force is pretty decent even if the wider area tends to suck.

    Jasper should be okay. Gracie is working with a rescue here to get him back to her so she can work personally on finding him a home that will be good for him. (And I adore her for it!) My little one still cries for him and I thought a 2-year-old was supposed to have a short memory.

    Canada boggles my mind. Hubby got a customs agent who wanted to prove a point. It didn't matter that a Canadian citizen spoke for him and towards his character. It made no difference that he was spending thousands in the country for this trip. This agent was in a mood. He gave my guy a time to report back or face arrest and when my guy said he would be there the agent laughed in his face and said he doubted it. They were trying to goad him into a fight and rather than react like the boy described on the paper he reacted like the man he is and the cop was shocked. I have a lot of respect for the men and women who are in law enforcement because it is a hard job. I just wish they did not look at everyone expecting a criminal and let those of us who mind our own and follow the laws be.

  3. I still think your neighbor needs a yard full of ground kill. Or a flaming bag of dog poo on the porch. I know that isn't going to happen, but the mental image makes me smile.

  4. I do like the mental image of the ground kill thing myself but being a huge believer in karma i am all about just watching and waiting. There were 3 plumbing trucks over there for 6 hours yesterday. I found some comfort in that even if I felt evil lol.


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